East Coweta
Cheerleading Boosters

2014-2014 Booster Leadership 

Booster Meetings-April 1​​

​​​​​​​The ECHS Cheerleading Boosters is a non-profit organization that provides support and encouragement to the coaches and cheerleaders at ECHS. This includes but is not limited to expenses of the program throughout the year including competitions, team uniforms, supplies needed throughout the year, athletic banquets, etc. The ECHS Cheerleading Boosters has a long history of generously supporting the cheerleaders in order to ensure their success on the sidelines, stands, as well as in competition. The Booster Club is dependent upon parent participation. As soon as your child is selected as an ECHS cheerleader, you become an ECHS Cheerleading Booster Club member. There is no fee involved to be a part of the Booster Club. The responsibility of each booster club member is to support ECHS cheerleading coaches and squads. There are typically 3-5 meetings during the cheerleading season to create plans for successful events and to assist in making the year a great one for cheerleaders and those that support them. Every member is encouraged to attend these meetings to help make the program a quality one. Please remember, as stated in the ECHS cheerleading constitution, the lack of participation in parent meetings and booster meetings, etc forfeits your right to make further comments about decisions that are made throughout the year.
The cheerleading coaches will be forming committees this year as well as appointing our board members, in an attempt to better our program and to ensure we meet the needs of all our squads. We will host a parent meeting on March 25th at 6:00 in the 9th grade cafeteria. At this time, we will have a signup sheet for anyone that is interested in participating on any of the committees listed below. You do not have to participate on a committee in order to attend board meetings or volunteer throughout the year. These meetings are open to all parents/guardians of all cheerleaders and notification of when these meetings will be held will be sent out throughout the year. The coaches will review the sign-up sheet and choose the best participants for those positions. Please read below at the different types of committees we will be forming and the responsibilities of those committees.
• 2 representatives for each squad- voice for the team and someone other parents can contact if they have questions
• Fundraising Committee (3 members)-members will help set up and organize all fundraisers and brainstorm and research ideas for the squads to fund raise throughout the year to bring to the coach for approval
• Money Management/Accounting (2 members)- members will help collect and document money collected and keep a written record of money spent and what it was spent for
• Public Relations (3 members)- members will assist coaches in the design of any personal ads needed by a company or person for the program, organize sharing the spirit events, and will be responsible for sending out info to parents via email as needed by the coach
• Hospitality(4 members)-members will plan and organize banquet, plan senior dinners, food arrangements for away games, provide and put together candy bags for all home games for the away cheerleaders for all squads
• Program (4 members)- assist coaches in the organization and schedule of picture days, will volunteer to work on picture days for ads, contact companies letting them know about when and time of ad picture with cheerleaders, organize and work on ECHS picture day, help pick up programs if needed, and assist the program publisher in anything they may need done to make the program a successful one
• Board Member Positions – consist of a president, vice-president, treasurer, and fundraising chair- These positions will help assist ALL the committees as needed throughout the year. They will be responsible for leading the board meetings and for presenting any new information that needs to be discussed and will provide an agenda to be followed at the meetings.
*The success of the ECHS Cheerleading Boosters is the sole responsibility of the board. Appointed Board Members and Committee Representatives should always strive to create POSITIVE public relations for ECHS cheerleading and coaches. When selecting members and representatives, consideration will be given to creating a board that represents cheerleaders of all “grade levels” and interests to ensure the continuity of the program in years to come. Any appointed board member or representative will hold that position for one school year. All board members and representatives shall have accounts in good standing with the booster club at all times.